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When their kids participate in Charg1ng youth sports events, parents can expect them to learn valuable skills both on the field and off.

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What Our Events Have to Offer Your Kids

Whether it’s football, basketball, STEM, or any other sport, Charg1ng event participants will gain experience in every facet of play, helping them better understand the game and their role in it. But our programs are about more than just nuts-and-bolts skills development. At our youth sports organization, we’re not just working to build better athletes – we’re working to build better people.

Life Skills Development

When you send your kids to a Charg1ng youth sports event, we work hard to ensure they come back with skills they can use off the field, too. We teach kids the life and leadership skills they need to make better decisions, solve conflicts in a better way, and be better leaders in whatever they do.

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