Competitive Advantage

Hands-on Training with High-Level Athletes

We offer a sports learning experience like no other. At The Braxton Miller Foundation, kids learn about their sports of choice directly from elite-level athletes and trainers.

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How Our Programs Are Developed

All of our sports programs are developed by our namesake, Braxton Miller, to teach participants about every component of the sport on which they focus. We make sure the kids who sign up for our leagues and camps leave with the kind of knowledge they can only get from working with great athletes.

Direct Attention from Our Athletes & Trainers

Many sports camps named for renowned athletes have the training staff do the bulk of the work, with the camp’s namesake only dropping by to make a cameo. Not The Braxton Miller Foundation. Braxton is there in person for the entirety of each camp, as are the other high-level athletes we bring on to train participants. That’s the level of experience we promise to every child who participates in one of our Charg1ng programs.

A Chance for All Kids to Compete

We intend for our programs to be accessible to kids at all levels, not just the top-level athletes. Being part of one of our youth sports programs means an opportunity to play competitively for all skill levels, as well as an educational experience that reverberates beyond the field or court – skills that kids can use in any setting as they go through life.

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