The camps we administer are designed to offer kids in-depth experience in all aspects of the sport they’re learning about and the knowledge they can use to become the leaders of tomorrow.

STEM Education Camp

June 6-10
Springfield, OH
5 Days

STEM Instruction

The Braxton Miller Foundation STEM Technology Camp will expose kids to a sampling of innovative and cutting-edge applications to help them understand the technology shaping our future world. Kids will experience a sample of activities in applications such as robotics, drones, gaming, and coding, led by professionals and leaders who work in the industry.

Life Skill Development

Our STEM camps are created to give participants life skills they can use long after leaving the last day of camp. The Braxton Miller Foundation STEM Technology Camp focuses on leadership skills, such as problem-solving and innovation, that kids can apply elsewhere in their lives.

Next Camp

Our next STEM Education Camp is scheduled for June 2023, in Springfield, Ohio.

Ready to get started on signing up for our STEM camp? Stay tuned for more details on our next STEM Camp!