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We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some fantastic youth sports coaches for our athletic camps and Charg1ng events. You can learn more about these dedicated leaders below.

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Tramain Hall

Head Trainer (all sports)

Education: B.S. Psychology (NCSU) and AA Liberal Science (LAVC)-CSCS preparation; USA Sports Development Certified; Red Cross CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified; internship with XPE under Tony Villani

Experience: 4 year D-1 collegiate athlete; 4 year NFL athlete; lead trainer at Fast-Twitch Sports Performance and now Enhance U Sports Performance Academy; over 10 years of training teams, individuals, youth, collegiate, and professional athletes.

Paren Fisher

Head Coach (basketball)

Education: Business Administration (Franklin University), Evangelism (World Harvest Bible College), Sports and Business Management (Columbus State CC)

Experience: 3-year collegiate athlete; 12 years experience as AAU Basketball Coach/Director (2021 3rd Grade National Champions – Team Charg1ng); over 10 years experience as youth sports director and coach with multiple HS teams

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