Youth Football Leagues

The Charg1ng football programs we offer leave kids with a stronger grasp of the sport and personal skills they can apply wherever they go in life.

Charg1ng Flag Football League

Imparting Football Knowledge

Our team and coaching staff work to understand each individual player’s abilities, then use competition drills to help them hone those skills. Each participant receives an athlete assessment and training evaluation at the end of the program to help them figure out what to focus on from there. We are committed to fostering a positive environment for all skill levels, ages 5-14, to experience growth in their emotional and physical abilities while having fun!

Imparting Life Knowledge

We want everyone who participates in a Charg1ng youth football league to have the tools to be better members of their community. Kids will learn about leadership, mental toughness, making good choices and more. Our focus is to develop excellence through athletics that builds character and work ethic for your child’s future successes in life.