Youth Sports Opportunities

For young people interested in learning more about elite sports training and valuable life and leadership skills, The Braxton Miller Foundation offers boys’, girls’ and coed youth sports programs.


It should be no surprise that our programming includes the sport for which our namesake is famous! We offer flag football leagues through our Charg1ng sports program.  Our Charg1ng flag football league provides the following benefits:

  1. Give kids the chance to build on their football skills
  2. Increase kids knowledge of football
  3. Gain important skills kids can use both on and off the field.
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We offer several elite travel basketball teams in conjunction with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Our Charg1ng basketball teams provide opportunities for kids to do two things:

  1. Implement and perfect their basketball skills in a full-speed environment by playing against great competition in AAU games both regionally and nationally.
  2. Learn real-world skills they will be able to carry with them into adulthood.
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We have partnered with Xtreme STEM to sponsor middle and high school robotics teams that compete in regional robotics competitions throughout Ohio. Kids who participate on a Charg1ng STEM team will have the opportunity to not only learn leadership and life skills, but also gain increased awareness of STEM-related professions and skills, which will allow kids to make more informed career-path decisions.

Our Education Programs

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