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Executing an elite vision requires an elite group of people.  The Braxton Miller Foundation is blessed to have a passionate and profoundly engaged team focused on achieving our vision to empower kids to become the best version of themselves.

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Braxton Miller

Founder & President

Braxton is not only the namesake of The Braxton Miller Foundation, but he is also the heart and soul behind the foundation’s mission and vision. Braxton’s connection to sports started when his dad Kevin signed him up to play football, baseball, and basketball around 6-years of age.  The fantastic memories Braxton made playing sports as a child stuck with him, and now that his playing career has ended, Braxton’s dream is to provide a universe that allows other kids to create lasting memories and life skills through the power of youth sports.

In 2016, Braxton created his Charg1ng youth sports programs to provide the type of youth sports experience he wishes more kids had when he was growing up.  Braxton loved seeing how his youth sports programs impacted kids, but he knew there was an opportunity to do more and make an even more significant impact.  Therefore, in 2021, Braxton founded The Braxton Miller Foundation.

Braxton’s vision for The Braxton Miller Foundation is to get future generations of playmakers and leaders ready to perform on the next level through elite youth sports programs, STEM-based programs, and mentoring programs.  As a highly accomplished QB & WR for The Ohio State University, including accolades as two-time Big Ten Most Valuable Player and two-time Heisman Trophy finalist, Braxton understands what it takes to perform at the next level.  And he’s built a strong network of players and industry leaders across many different sports and businesses that also understand what it takes.

Lashonda Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Lashonda brings 20+ years of corporate experience as CEO of The Braxton Miller Foundation.  But first and foremost, Lashonda is a proud auntie of her nephew, Braxton Miller.

Lashonda graduated from Ohio University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and built a strong career with progressive leadership roles in both Manufacturing and Supply Chain at DuPont and Abbott Laboratories.  However, when Braxton asked her to launch and lead his nonprofit organization, The Braxton Miller Foundation, she happily left her corporate career to do just that.

Board of Directors


Braxton Miller

Board Member Emeritus – Founder of The Braxton Miller Foundation

Kim Bartley

Board Chair – Former Chief Marketing Officer at White Castle & Lecturer at The Ohio State University

Lashonda Miller

Board Secretary – Executive Director/CEO of The Braxton Miller Foundation

Jeff Schubert

Board Treasurer – CPA & Owner at Liberty Tax

Loren Stone

Board Member-at-large – CEO of Autonomy Hub

Paul Miller

Board Member-at-large – Director of EHS at Bundy Baking Solutions