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The Braxton Miller Foundation is dedicated to bringing athletic and STEM opportunities to young people and using those opportunities to improve their lives through education, sports, and mentoring.

Educational Opportunities

In addition to our athletic leagues and camps, we also partner with Xtreme STEM to offer robotics competitions. Participants in our Charg1ng robotics program learn how to build robots that can be part of robotics competitions, learning more about STEM careers in the process.

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Sports Leagues + Camps

Our youth sports events are at the heart of our mission at The Braxton Miller Foundation. We organize a number of community leagues, including basketball and baseball, for boys and girls at multiple age levels. We also host football camps. In addition, we have opportunities for non-traditional competition in sports such as robotics and drone soccer, for kids who may not have an interest in participating in conventional sporting events. All of the events we organize are designed to give kids skills they can use as part of the game, as well as skills they can carry with them in life, whatever they choose to do.

Who We Are

We formed The Braxton Miller Foundation out of a desire to help kids achieve higher in sports and in life. Through our sports camps and leagues, and thanks to our highly-trained professional coaching staff, we give kids the tools they need to be better athletes, better students, better communicators, and better leaders as they go through life. The organization was founded in 2021 by former Buckeye and NFL football player Braxton Miller and his aunt, Lashonda.

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How to Contribute

We always appreciate the support of those who want to contribute to our youth sports programs and help improve the lives of kids through sports and guidance. If you’re interested in helping to make a difference in the lives of the kids we serve, please consider making a donation, becoming a sponsor or volunteering at one of our athletic events.

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